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Schumann - Fantasy



Internationally renowned American pianist Agustín Anievas  whose performances have enriched music lovers all over the world, has appeared in recital and with orchestras in the major music centers of the United States, including NYC’s Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, as well as in Europe, North and South America, Australia, and many Middle East and Far East countries.  He is praised for his sensitive musicianship as well as his bravura and virtuosity, summed up by the Washington Post, which headlined its review, “That’s the way to play the piano!”


 "His EMI recordings of Chopin, Schubert, Liszt, Brahms and Rachmaninoff stand as examples of the very best American pianism, appreciated by serious musicians everywhere.  Following several decades as Chairman of the Piano Department, and Professor of Piano at Brooklyn College’s Conservatory,  as well as offering his vision of romantic music in master class venues, and as participant on many international competition juries, Mr. Anievas has recently released a new CD on the Newport Classic label of the Schumann Fantasy and the Chopin Etudes, Op. 10, about which a London publication commented that he "played with an almost classical sense of poise, but with expressive subtleties that could only come from a senior pianist."  In a recent performance of the Chopin E minor concerto in Palm Beach, the press commented that "Anievas brought tremendous authority to the melodic curves and still executes triplets and filigree with clarity and accuracy. His beautifully etched reading of the second movement Larghetto in this Chopin Concerto was almost Mozartean, and his sense of music taste and total identification with Chopin’s idiom could well be emulated by many younger pianists." At this time, Mr. Anievas is immersed in the music of Chopin, and will play this year's Chopin recital,
"My Very Favorite Chopin Works" at the Newport Festival in Rhode Island on
July 22, 2016, as well as other venues abroad. Some of the works to be performed are 3 Fantaisies, including the Polonaise-Fantaisie, and a group of Nocturnes, each one more beautiful than the other!

Last year's very important Chopin Competition held in Miami, at which Mr. Anievas was Jury Chairman, introduced a "GRAND NEW CHOPIN PIANIST", ERIC LU, for the first time, and his future in the Chopin Piano world will be of great significance.



Gus's first album, an important part of piano repertoire yet never published, "AGUSTIN ANIEVAS plays BRAHMS Paganini & Handel Variations" can now be heard for the very first time only on YouTube at

"...He is a true musician- a veritable poet of the piano". La Libre Belgique, Brussels

F. Chopin

Etudes No. 4 and 5, Op. 10


"A virtuoso to be sure, but also a sensitive interpreter who presents us  with musicianly perfection on top of his technical bravura."

Le Figaro, Paris


S. Rachmaninoff

Prelude Op. 23, No. 10


"Anievas  was  made 

for  Rachmaninoff." 

Harold Schonberg, NY Times


"In short, Anievas  is a very  major  pianist". 

San Francisco Examiner

F. Schubert

Impromptu in Ab Major, Op. 90, No. 4


"Mr. Anievas played  the  Schubert  Impromptus Op. 90   with brilliant  technical  management  and great  sensitivity;  these  works  with  their romanticism  and  beautiful  melody  ended  the recital, an exciting  finish, with  finesse and  the highest quality  performance. "

 L. F. Marsans,  Miami Herald, 2011


F. Liszt

Mephisto Waltz


"Several  Liszt encores, played with equal brilliance, underscored  the  masterful bravura of  this uncommonly gifted artist".

Arbeiter-Zeitung, Vienna


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